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The New Beginning

Photo of Vism Studio Signage

The Final Chapter of Studiobysol.
The New Beginning of VISM STUDIO.

The name Studiobysol. If you are a tattoo fanatic in Korea, you may have heard of this name at least once. Studiobysol is a tattoo studio established in 2017 by tattoo artist Sol in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, South Korea.
Studio photo with a table and lighting
Studio by Sol in Seoul, South Korea
Before discussing the development of tattoo culture in Korea, we must talk about the unique characteristic of Korean culture. Korea's ever-changing culture moves more rapidly than any other country, and the people constantly seek the next new thing. This demand creates a standard incomparable that moves the Korean culture forward. As a result, Korea has stood out in various fields in recent years, such as K-pop, movies, dramas, art, fashion, and beauty. Like these fields, Korean tattoo culture has quickly become popular in recent years, and Studiobysol was in the middle of this movement.
Ten years ago, it was rare to see people with tattoos anywhere, especially in the media, since they banned tattoos. In contrast, now, it has become the norm among the younger generation, including celebrities and athletes. Studiobysol has contributed to a positive change in the tattoo culture, which has changed tremendously in the last decade.

So many tattoo artists started their journey at Studiobysol and made their mark in the tattoo scene, having hundreds of thousands of followers. Diversity and innovation can sum up why Studiobysol achieved great success. Introducing new styles of tattoos, whether it be colors no one had seen in tattoos before or adorable micro tattoos people didn't know were possible, these artworks developed into a genre called 'Korean tattoo.' It's a pioneering example of breaking down the standardized image that comes to mind when thinking of tattoos and sublimating this field as a popular art rather than a 'league of their own.' After seeing the success of Studiobysol, tattoo studios with similar formats started popping up everywhere.
Sol tattooing at Vism Studio
Sol at Vism Studio, Los Angeles
Paul L., who received tattoos from three artists at Studiobysol, said, "I randomly came across Sol's work, and his style, which was far from what I usually imagine tattoos to be, fascinated me. So as I followed Sol and saw the growth of Studiobysol with so many talents, I felt like I found the one shop where I could get all the tattoos I wanted. That was the beginning of one of many tattoos I now have."

Because of experiences like this, getting a tattoo has become the next new thing, being easily accessible to the general public and not confined just to celebrities such as rappers, sports stars, and entertainers.

But beyond making that impact, Studiobysol's CEO, Sol, turned his sights to the World. He briefly revealed his aspirations in an interview."Our great success in Korea is just the beginning. We want to set our sights on a larger audience and introduce our style to the World, just as we did in Korea. I want to make a bigger impact in the tattoo world. The first step begins in the United States."
Sol has always been a pioneer and one step ahead of others. So even though Studiobysol will disappear into history, he is back with a refined new brand, VISM STUDIO, in Los Angeles in 2022.

Just as it did in Korea in 2017, As a fan, I look forward to seeing how VISM STUDIO grows and succeeds in the United States.